campaign dashboard

Analyse, track and measure all your digital campaigns,
across any channel in one place in real time

campaign dashboard


Quickly view consumer interactions linked to your campaign in real time.

Interactions are a key measure for any campaign and
Brandtribe splits interactions into total number of
interaction for your campaign, how many unique consumers
have interacted, and how many have interacted with your
brand for the first time (recruitment).


Knowing when consumers are interacting is a useful insight that drives timing of both in and out-bound messaging.

See what day of the month, day of the week and even
hour of the day your consumers are interacting with your
brand. You can also overlay digital and traditional advertising
channels to measure effectiveness.

Data Collection

Set data collection targets and track progress. Get answers directly from your consumer.

Collecting data is the goal of most CRM strategies, but determining what data to collect is more important. Brandtribe allows brands to determine data collection targets for each campaign and tracks progress in real time. Collect demographic data, or get answers to any close ended question to better understand consumer likes and interests.

Devices and Networks

See which devices and networks your consumers interact with your brand on.

Knowing which consumer devices are being used can
ensure that your campaign is optimized for each device.
Knowing the consumers network is helpful information
especially when the brand is giving away instant prizes as
part of the campaign e.g. airtime.

Google Analytics

Integrate Google analytics into your campaign dashboard.

Track all the major metrics from Google like visitors,
conversions, bounce rates, page views, traffic sources,
device info etc. Brandtribe also overlays its own data like
number of consumers who have completed the campaign's
call to action.

In and Out bound Media

Tracking all media spend from both a cost and effectiveness perspective is key to driving efficiency of any campaign.

Brandtribe will allow you to import the click reports from
all major platforms directly into your campaign reports. You
can then measure ROI across each channel and its overall
cost vs conversion.

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