Reach the right consumer with the right message,
through the right channel at the right time


Single Consumer View

A single consumer view is especially relevant where your
brand engages consumers through multiple channels, since
consumers expect those interactions to reflect a consistent
understanding of their history and preferences.

A single view allows your brand to analyze past behavior in order to better target and personalize future consumer interaction.


Determine which demographics are important to understand, who your consumer are and how to reach them. Demographics are split into the following fields:

  • Age – Date of Birth
  • Gender – Male or Female
  • Geographic – Country, Region, City / town
  • Personal – First name, Last Name
  • Contact – Cell Phone Number, E-mail Address

Advanced Insights

Brandtribe has taken relevance to a whole new level by allowing brands to track answers to any closed question.

Knowing only a consumer's demographic information allows
brands to be personal, advanced insights allows brands to be
relevant too. Perform research, allow consumers to vote, or
find out consumers likes and interests.


Brandtribe has developed a powerful segmentation tool. Your brand can create consumer segments based on a large number of variables like demographics, advanced insights, channel preference and campaign interactions.

Create segments that help drive your brand like where
each consumer is on the loyalty journey, segment by
consumer interests and segment to send push messages.

Fluid Forms

Keep your consumers' efforts to a minimum and keep collecting relevant data.

When Brandtribe recognizes a consumer, its Fluid Forms
technology will automatically pre-populate entry forms for
the consumer. From this, we can work out what data we
have not collected from the consumer yet and
automatically ask the next data field. This keeps the data
collection ticking over so you constantly learn more about
your consumer at each touch point.

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