Easy Integration

Connect your applications to Brandtribe
easily by using our API library.

Easy Integration

Easy Data Import

Importing data has been made easy and simple. If your brand has existing data, or data lying and stored in various spreadsheets, that data can be checked and imported.

Brandtribe does an automatic data check, highlights
potential issues and lets you check the result
before importing.


Using Brandtribe does not mean that you have to change which marketing platforms you are currently using. Instead, the system uses API’s to integrate with a variety of third party tools. This includes:

  • Google Analytics
  • Online Advertising (e.g. Facebook Advertising)
  • Mailchimp


If you are running PPC, then Brandtribe will allow you to import the click reports from all major platforms directly into your campaign reports.

You can then measure ROI across each channel and its overall cost vs conversion.

Google Analytics

Brandtribe also integrates with Google Analytics!

We support Google analytics within Brandtribe, allowing us
to track visitors numbers, conversions and device info. By
doing this, we can perform a number of calculations which
offer valuable insights that you can use.

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