consumer privacy

Brandtribe has built in privacy tools, and we are
the first point of contact for the regulator (SA only)

consumer privacy

Role Based Access

Every user has a unique user name and password which allows Brandtribe users to access to varying levels of secure data.

Brandtribe security has been designed to facilitate a
collaborative environment without the risk of confidential
information being accessed by the wrong person.

Data Encryption

We encrypt all consumer data exports to ensure that it remains secure even if it falls into the hands of an unauthorised person.

Furthermore, Brandtribe has procured insurance that will cover you in the unlikely event of a data breach.

Policies & Procedures

Brandtribe has a full set of policies in place to ensure every process is defined.

Our policies are strictly enforced for the benefit of our
customer and their consumer. They cover everything from
Acceptable Use to how we introduce changes to the
platform. All our policies and procedures are constantly
updated to keep up with the changing digital environment.

POPI Regulator (SA only)

We know POPI has not been implemented yet, but we think it is never to early to prepare. Brandtribe currently has insurance to cover the following:

1)   Crisis Management – Manage data breach from first
       response to fixing to notification and escalation to
       reputation management.
2)   Data Protection Obligations - Regulator Fines and
3)   Liability – Other Damages and 3rd party liabilities

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