ROI and managing the underlying data are key to
providing your brand with a sustainable competitive


Consumer Acquisition

When it comes to business, there is never a time to settle for where you are. Businesses should grow from strength to strength, by enhancing existing consumer bonds and gaining new ones.

The cost of recruiting new consumers can be expensive
unless you know who to target, have the right message and
provide the appropriate incentive. Brandtribe lets brands
look back at past campaign to see which mechanics,
channel, type of consumer,
and what incentives worked
best for consumer acquisition.

Cost to Engage

Brandtribe will calculate the cost per engagement across channels, allowing users to quickly and simply ascertain where their digital marketing budget is being spent, and if it can be spent better.

By using engagement metrics, we have a more accurate understanding of who is reacting to various initiatives opposed to passively just seeing it.

Data Enrichment

Knowing what data you need is only half the challenge, the other half is actually collecting it.

Use Brandtribe to review past data collection channels
and how well they worked. USSD is good for answering
questions, but consumers can’t use letters, for example.

Cost Per Conversion

Brandtribe helps you focus on a metric that is directly assisting you achieving your marketing goals, opposed to ones like impressions and Likes which in reality may be having little impact!

Furthermore, it makes it easy to determine cost per conversion
across channels, so that you are able to optimize the current
campaign in real time as well as knowing which channels to
use in future.


Make investments based on historical returns.

Brandtribe lets you create benchmarks by looking through
past campaigns to determine historical performance and
return on investment. Compare campaigns across different
channels in order to understand which channel delivers
against various matrices, like data collection, increase
revenue, consumer recruitment etc.

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